Congratulations on being awarded a scholarship from the Rotary Club of Redding!

Please Click Here To Complete Your Scholarship Payment Request Form

To receive your scholarship, you must meet certain criteria and complete the online form below by October 31st of the Award Year. Once the Rotary Club of Redding has received your Payment Request and confirmed that you’ve met the criteria, a payment will be sent to the educational institution indicated to directly pay your tuition costs up to the scholarship amount awarded.



  1. Performed 10 hours of volunteer community service in Shasta County or in your college community within the Award Year.
  2. Enroll at least part time in a higher educational institution (trade school, college, or university) for the fall of the Award Year.


Award Year = the calendar year you receive your award. If your scholarship award is announced on 4/23/20, then your Award Year is 2020.


Scholarship Payments Requests

Scholarship payments are made directly to the school you indicate in your Payment Request Form to offset your tuition costs. To request that your scholarship be paid, please complete the Payment Request Form by October 31st of the Award Year.


Deadline for Payment Requests: OCTOBER 31

Award recipients must meet all Criteria above and submit their Payment Request form by October 31st  of the Award Year.  Failure to do so by October 31st of the Award Year will result in a forfeit of all scholarship funds.  Scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply for scholarship funds in subsequent years.

Please Click Here To Complete Your Scholarship Payment Request Form